Lessons Learned from Implementing a Cross Bore Program

The consequences of not properly implementing a Cross Bore Program are hard lessons to learn. An asset-centric assessment process from G2-IS focuses on verifying in real-time that inspections are reliably complete, which maximizes the safety and productivity of an inspection program. Learn how successful cross bore safety management programs can reduce risks associated with human error by utilizing the following process:

  • Research gas records to identify higher risk asset locations
  • Assign controlled data on assets for video inspection by qualified personnel
  • Inspect known assets and identify and inspect unmapped assets
  • Resolve the disposition of each asset, be it a repair or proof no cross bore exists
  • Validate data to increase confidence that all operations run as planned
  • Verifiable Proof of risk reduction is searchable and linked to supporting evidence

Download our white paper to discover more about the operational and financial benefits of our cross bore project risk management program.

Field Assurance

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