Mitigating the risk of cross bores - Whitepaper

Learn about the five critical factors that can reduce cross bore program costs.

In an effort to mitigate the risk of cross bores, gas utilities and other pipeline operators undertake wide-reaching, and costly cross bore programs. Cost for such an expansive project is traditionally assessed by examining two predominant factors: number of sewer inspections and the unit cost of each inspection. There is, however, a third component that must be considered: program efficiency and effectiveness.

Learn more about these critical factors and how to deliver a return on investment upwards of 30:1 ($30 savings for each dollar invested) in our whitepaper, where topics covered include:

  • The financial benefits of employing a research program
  • Causes and effects of inefficient field (sewer) inspections
  • The importance of verifying completion status of sewer inspection records (data validation)
  • Lessons from Goldilocks and the use of video QC
  • How to manage the resulting big data appropriately

Download the full Whitepaper to understand how to dramatically cut costs with your cross bore program.

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