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Five Financial Pitfalls of Cross Bore Programs & How to Avoid Them

In an effort to mitigate the risk of cross bores, gas utilities must undertake expansive, and often costly cross bore programs. Cost for such an expensive project is traditionally assessed by examining two predominant factors: number of sewer inspections and the unit cost of each inspection. There is, however, a third component that must be considered: program efficiency.

This webinar explores five major financial pitfalls in running a cross bore program and associated solutions for avoiding them.

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Kevin Ernst


Date & Time

Thursday, May

25, 2017

10 am CST




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Topics to be covered include:

  • Financial benefits of employing a research program
  • Causes and effects of inefficient field (sewer) inspections
  • The role of data validation in inspection verification
  • Lessons from Goldilocks and the use of video QC
  • How to manage the resulting big data appropriately