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Modern Risk Assessment for Pipelines and Facilities

Formal risk assessment has been a regulatory requirement on many US pipeline systems for over a decade now. New regulatory initiatives, as well as prudent asset stewardship, dictate that risk assessment extend to other facilities, including underground gas storage facilities.

On September 19, G2-IS will be presenting a Risk Webinar covering how pipeline companies have moved away from risk assessments based on index models to much more robust and useful risk assessments that can be efficiently applied to any asset, including cavern storage facilities.

This change is in response to both a desire to improve risk management and respond to PHMSA criticisms of past practice, including using index models that often have multiple weaknesses such as masking, lack of proper aggregation, averaged-out risk rankings, weighting factors, etc.

Topics to be covered include, but not limited to:

  • Key Concepts (PoF, CoF, Expected Loss)
  • PoF Critical Aspects (Exposure-Mitigation-Resistance)
  • Relevant US PHMSA regulatory initiatives
  • Risk assessment applications to various facility types
  • Index Models vs. QRA/PRA
  • ALARP and regulatory IMP-P&M Measures

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W. Kent Muhlbauer, WKM Consultancy, LLC & S. Yeliz Cevik, G2-IS


Date & Time

Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017

9:30 - 10:30 am CST




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