Common Ways Records and Data Management Can Go Awry, and How to Fix Them Without Starting From Scratch.

Are you constantly struggling to find ways to remedy recurring issues?

G2-IS has recently released an insightful FAQ to address common client issues that are frequently encountered. Records and Data Management quality is directly related to accomplishing safe practices and structuring your business for compliance and beyond.

G2 Integrated Solutions provides corrective measures to help mitigate issues with data management, including:

  • Lack of a plan for unverified data that is causing issues with reporting
  • A need for reconciling GIS asset information and link to digital records to meet TVC standard
  • Redundancy and inconsistency due to multiple departments with their own version of “true data”.






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Technology Solutions


G2-IS provides a variety of technologies that encompass comprehensive network engineering, mobile applications as well as data analytics. These software solutions allow smooth transitions from existing frameworks to new innovative platforms while avoiding disruption of operations.